Fabric Freshener Fairy Dust

Fabric Freshener Fairy Dust

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Large pouch of Fabric Fresh Fairy Dust 


How to use your Fabric Fresh Fairy Dust

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Sprinkle lightly on your desired fabric, leave it to work its fairy magic for thirty minutes and then simply vacuum up!

Our magic powder can be used on carpets, material sofas, curtains bedding, mattresses the lot! You name it, we have sprinkled it… even sprinkle some on your hard floor when mopping up 😉

Now for the serious stuff

Please always conduct a patch test before hand .

Please keep children and fur babies away from the fabric fresh fairy dust at all times, once you have vacuumed up it is a safe zone for all! Please clean your vacuum filter after use and please be aware that Cosy Home Aromas will not be held liable for any miss-use of our products, so no silly behaviour 😊 .


Thanks huns, Happy vacuuming!

Love Abbie x